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Do you shop on-line with  Purchase your
items through the link below, chose Chesapeake
Audubon as your designed charity, and we will receive
.5% of the order total.
Chesapeake Audubon is a 501c3 non-profit and  
donations are tax-deductable

By joining Chesapeake Audubon, you're also joining the National
Audubon Society,  a group of like-minded people interested in
conserving and restoring the environment.  You'll receive
Audubon Magazine which includes some of the world's finest
nature photography, and regular updates from us,  keeping you
informed on local issues and events.

To join, go to the link and then select Chesapeake Audubon
Society - L02 from the drop down list under Chapter Donation
Designation.  The chapters in the list are arranged by state.

Chesapeake Audubon will receive 100% of your first
year's membership dues.  Thank you!

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Workplace Giving Campaign!

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